The main goal of the Tech & Society group is to create a communication platform for discussing a wide range of issues related to the impact of the technological progress, e.g. AI development and automated decision making, on the society.
The Tech & Society Communication Group is an independent expert community that unites professionals from business, civil society, media, academic environment and public sector.

The Group targets topical questions that are triggered not only by the actual scientific and societal developments, but also the subjective factors of people's perception of technologies.
Civic tech and gov tech (technological solutions that improve the efficiency of governance and communication between state and citizens);
The special focus is aimed towards the following questions:

Data and digital rights, including AI ethics and automated decision making in governmental services;
Systematisation of international experience in the field, adaptation and implementation of international initiatives for sustainable digitalisation processes in Ukraine and the wider Central and Eastern European region;
Awareness raising on the potential risks that advanced technologies could bring for social development in the short- and medium-term, such as digital threats to democracy, and long-term, such as existential risks for humanity.
The Tech & Society Communication Group was founded by Olena Boytsun in December 2020 according to the principles of interdisciplinary research approach.

The group members bring light into strategic discussion questions that would support new deeper understanding of the significant societal changes caused by technological progress, develop the mechanisms for efficiency of the communication materials and present an argument for new regulatory norms regarding impact of technology on human rights in the digital age.

Tech & Society organizes both private (by invitation only) and public discussions and events. Members have a priority in development of strategic programs, taking part in meetings, lectures and other events as well as a priority access to materials and a library of relevant books and publications.
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