Olga Yurkova
Is a journalist and editor, co-founder of the independent Ukrainian organization StopFake.org, which exposes propaganda and disinformation in the media using journalistic methods.
The organization studies Russian propaganda as a phenomenon, teaches various audiences, how propaganda works, how to detect fake news, advises various organizations and public structures, teaches fact checkers in Ukraine and abroad.

Olga Yurkova has 15 years of experience in journalism. She headed the multimedia newsroom in the city of Ternopil (daily newspaper "20 minutes", weekly "RIA plus", website 20minut.ua) for six years. These media became the market leaders during this time. For three years, she headed the department "Donbass, Crimea" in the Media House "New Information" ("Kraina" magazine, "Newspaper in Ukrainian", website gazeta.ua). Since 2012 she has been a trainer in new media, open data, journalistic standards, ethics and fact-checking.

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