Digital rights in Ukraine

Digital rights in Ukraine

The advancements and widespread adoption of digital communication have introduced fresh avenues for individuals to exercise their rights and enjoy their freedoms. This includes granting them the freedom to openly express their thoughts and opinions to a broad audience and enabling quick access to a wealth of information online. However, alongside these benefits, there has been a significant rise in the risks associated with the misuse of these rights, as well as an increased threat of illegal encroachments on personal privacy.

There is still much work to be done in the realm of data and digital rights concerning international efforts to establish transparent and accountable sectoral regulations. However, the protection of personal data stands out as one specific area that has achieved a significant level of regulation and should be further developed through inclusive harmonization. For Ukraine, this process is crucial as it aligns with its ongoing journey towards European integration.

Member of the Tech & Society Communication Group, Doctor of Sciences in Economics and Professor Yaroslav Kotlyarevskyy, together with the team of the NGO "2030: Tech for Public Good" prepared the following analyticals materials based on expert studies and discussions that were conducted in 2022. These materials are available for viewing:

1. Policy Conceptualization of the Global and National Context of Data and Digital Rights Developments.
2. Prospective directions for improving the regulation of personal data protection in Ukraine in a context of European integration.

Published in June 2023
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